• John LeBoeuf

Curtis “Curt” Fabre began carving duck decoys with his father as a teen during the 1940’s. Since that time, the Bourg resident’s love and appreciation for the outdoors has been his inspiration for carving the wildfowl that he was constantly surrounded by growing up.

  • Melissa Duet

Situated in the heart of downtown Houma stands a hidden gem. If you listen close enough on your afternoon walk through the historic area, you might just hear faint footsteps, cha chaing their way across the hard wood floor and a heart pounding soundtrack keeping the beat. For some, Studio 37…

  • Jonah Giroir

Dane Magee’s Louisiana roots are on display in the pages of he and Jo Turner’s new comic book, “Traitor of Emrys.” The two young artists have been hard at work creating and shaping this fantasy world for the past few years, and that hard work came to fruition with the release of the first is…

  • Johnny Anomaly

I was told when I was younger not to run with scissors in my hands. Well, now that I'm a father, I tell my children the same thing. Take into consideration the manifestation of that gravitational pull. If you fall, it would make an example out of you.

It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since the first issue of PoV landed on counters and coffee tables across Lafourche and Terrebone Parishes. We’ve come a long way since that first 32-page magazine – we’ve told thousands of stories, earned a spine, and established ourselves as yo…

  • By Melissa Duet

Sheets of thick white sketch paper filled with intricate interpretations of Louisiana’s most beloved entrees and childhood toys line the walls inside Cut Off native Alexis Braud’s studio, a small red hideaway along the banks of lower Bayou Lafourche.

  • By Mary Ditch

The bright daylight shines into the upstairs studio of artist Natalie Haydel. She stares at the large white canvas in front of her and pauses in prayer. Afterward, she loads her brush with paint and begins her dance, moving in full quick motions, spreading color to create her next work of ar…

  • By Melissa Duet

A few rather fancy waterfowl landed in the bayou behind the Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum in early March, a subtle nod to the plans the Bayou Regional Arts Council were piecing together in an effort to raise money while passing a good time.

  • By Melissa Duet

A small white metal bucket filled with paint bottles sits at Kelly Pierre’s feet as he methodically puts the finishing touches on a piece he spent most of the night before toiling over.

  • By Melissa Duet

It’s a wish we all make a least once in our grown-up lives – to transport back in time to that carefree dreamland known as childhood. Lucky for Larose native Dustin Gaspard, he gets to do that exact thing every day as he dons one of his elaborately crafted costumes and belts out some of the …

  • By Melissa Duet

Rougarou Fest posters have become a coveted piece of the family-friendly spook fest and this year, the presenting organization South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center extended the opportunity to create the commemorative piece to New Orleans-based artist Molly McGuire.