• by Mary Downer Ditch | Photo by Channing Candies

Think back with me for a moment to when you were a child. What things did you look forward to doing each summer? I’d be willing to bet not many of them involved being inside in front of a TV or computer screen! 

  • By Darian Graivshark | Photos by Channing Candies

Chris Gergeni, a not-for-profit lover, has been doing association management for a little over 20 years and has worked with four different not-for-profit groups. Chris was searching for a new position nationally at the end of his contract, and came across the Bayou Country Children’s Museum …

  • By Michelle Briceno, MS, RD, LDN and Taylor Melancon, Dietetic Intern

Did you know that avocados are a fruit? Avocados are a versatile superfood that provide your body with not only healthy fats, but fiber, vitamins and minerals too. Avocados have heart-healthy benefits and can help lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol. They can also help manage your blood sugar a…

  • photos by Misty Leigh McElroy text by Mary Downer Ditch

As a young girl, she picks up a ball and throws it. Sure, she throws like a girl, but merely because she is one. In her case, she throws the ball with perfect form, strength and grace. She plays in the park with the boys because they are the only ones who are there. Her parents place her in …

  • by Keely Diebold photos by Channing Candies

Amidst the glitter and glow of costumes and stage lights, students at Tina Chauvin’s School of Dance in Houma are learning to discover self-confidence, self-love and even a little magic within the walls of a studio that serves to uplift and inspire its dancers.

  • by Michelle Briceno, MS, RD, LDN and Jacquelynn Mornay, Dietetic Intern

Dr. Seuss famously wrote, “I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.” This very well-known quote brings us to question: What is it about the color of green food and vegetables that makes us cringe? The answers to this question may remain unknown, but the health benefits…

  • photos by Misty Leigh McElroy

The finishing touch to any home design is the decorating. Your décor and the art you select are a reflection of your family’s style and lifestyle. These personal touches placed in your house make it a home. 

  • BY Michelle Briceno, Registered Dietitian at TGMC

There’s a possibility that you’ve heard of legumes, and an even bigger chance that you’ve eaten these more times than you can count. Legumes are part of the vegetable family that includes beans, lentils, peas and peanuts. The most popular beans are kidney beans, navy beans, garbanzo beans an…

  • by Casey Gisclair

Every Tuesday afternoon, Houma customers are able to get fresh, home-grown products at cost-efficient prices – all while enjoying the company of friends, neighbors and maybe even family.

  • by Drew Miller photos by Misty Leigh McElroy

This February, with Valentine’s Day approaching, love is on people’s minds. With love comes passion, which is not just regulated to relationships. Somebody can have passion for his or her work, favorite sports team, or even a hobby. Many years ago, a grandfather shared something he was passi…

  • BY Michelle Briceno, Registered Dietitian at TGMC

The fact that dark chocolate is good for you is the best medical news we have heard in a long time. Researchers have found that a moderate amount of dark chocolate combined with a balanced, healthy diet can help ease many health conditions. 

  • by Mary Downer Ditch

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”   –Steve Jobs

  • by Keely Diebold photos by Channing Candies

For a couple that is no stranger to the restaurant business, a chance to open a small café became an opportunity to inspire members of the Houma-Thibodaux community.

  • by Mary Downer Ditch

While to some children, Christmas is all about what gifts Santa is bringing them, to Annabelle Thomas, it’s about what she can give to others. With the help of her parents, Annabelle is hosting a toy drive to bring toys and other necessities to the patients of Ochsner Hospital for Children. 

  • photos by Channing Candies

Nothing brings family and friends together like the holidays! But who wants to be in the kitchen all day? Impress your guests this year with these easy-to-make savory appetizers, sweet desserts and spirited punch. All of these recipes can be made ahead of time to save you time on the big day…

  • by Casey Gisclair

With the lights off at 5:21 p.m. on a Monday afternoon and without a single student in sight, the halls of South Lafourche High School still are not silent. They tell stories. Literally. The walls tell stories – of students, of school history and of everything that’s been on the minds of pup…

  • by Karl Gommel photos by Misty Leigh McElroy

A dog catcher for Terrebonne Parish. A teacher in Brooklyn. An actor in a traveling act. A Peace Corps member in Tonga. A grant writer in Bangladesh.

  • photos by Channing Candies

With the right tricks, DIY costumes can be a treat! Armed with your imagination and a few basic supplies, your little one won't be the only one having fun. Creating a one of a kind costume for your one of a kind kid is the perfect way to show off their personality and interests. Take a peek …

  • By Drew Miller

It’s a couple of minutes past noon on a Wednesday. Kids excitedly knock on the front doors of a South Baton Rouge bicycle shop. They eagerly wait for Mr. Dustin to arrive and let them in, so they can begin their day at Front Yard Bikes.

  • By Jonah Giroir

The term “legacy” is something that gets tossed around a lot these days. A quarterback can build his legacy by throwing hundreds of touchdowns and winning championships, while a pitcher can achieve greatness through having a low earned run average and consistently causing batters to swing and miss.

  • Bonnie Rushing / Jonah Giroir

Tailgating in Louisiana isn’t just a gathering before a football game- it’s a tradition. On game day, fans descend upon school grounds and turn a three-hour game into an all-day event. No matter how you get there - car, truck or SUV - just get there and be there early to set up your spread.

  • Francesca D'Agostino

What was only a dream a few months ago has become reality for LSU’s new cheerleader, Mathieu Tillman. Through hard work and dedication over the past years, the Ellender Memorial graduate will be making his way to Tiger Stadium and joining the squad this Fall.